Academic Achievement 2

Academic achievement is becoming more and more important whether you are having difficulty in a particular subject or are competing for admission to a post-secondary school. Depending on how you learn, we have a variety of options to help you achieve academic success.


Academic coaches provide daily support to students who require additional assistance in getting and staying on task in completing assignments. They will:

  • Complete an educational assessment and design a program to address student’s deficiencies
  • Communicate regularly with student, teacher, parent and tutors to ensure expectations are clear and help students address any areas of difficulty
  • Review student’s online agenda daily and provide guidance if student is behind schedule or needs assistance on specific tasks
  • Build a relationship with students that instills confidence and helps them become independent learners

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Tutors provide dedicated support to students on difficult concepts in specific subject areas. They are usually available to:

  • Complete educational assessments and design a program to address deficiencies in specific subjects
  • Help build specific skills using a curriculum that aligns with the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Teach a wide range of subject areas and concept levels
  • Provide support in your home, online or at a mutually convenient location

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