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Study Smart is a not-for-profit multi-site WordPress installation that caters to people, groups or schools involved with instructing (in one form or another).  You can create a site and use it as a blog for your classroom, or create a site for your school or school council, or just use the calendar to share homework and assignments.

We made the calendar with privacy in mind.  This doesn’t mean you can’t share, in fact an instructor can share events (and files) with one or many people.  Want only one student to see something?  Easy.  Three students?  Done.  Do they see my email address?  No.  And a student won’t see another student’s individual events or their assignments.

On a larger scale faculty and students can view their school events, similarly schools see their Board events.  Think cascading.

Need to raise money?  Sell tickets?  Purchase school uniforms? Pizza lunches?  Use the eShop plugin (PayPal account required to receive funds, no PayPal account required to purchase items).

Unlike other web-based tools who auction usage information we don’t want your personal stuff.  And we don’t benchmark or measure anyone’s performance.  We do not show advertisements although we would welcome a sponsor.

We are parents who have been doing this since 2010 as our give-back to the community.  This site is dedicated to those wonderful teachers who have made a difference in our children’s education.