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Study Smart is a non-profit initiative providing a web platform for instructors to exchange assignments and communications with students, parents, tutors and coaches.

Click on this short demo to see how Study Smart works 

Instructors engage students using paperless tools and resources.

Students enjoy viewing and submitting assignments online without them ever getting lost.  Manage your own schedule so assignments are submitted on time.

Parents keep abreast of their child’s curriculum or organization activities and offer support as needed.

Tutors and Coaches support students in completing assignments and staying on track in achieving their goals.

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  1. Matt
    • Admin

      You cannot change your userid but you can change your password. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen you’ll see your username, hover over it with your cursor and click Edit My Profile. Scroll down to the New Password field and enter your new password (twice) then press Update Profile and you are done.

  2. simon

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